Belluccio is well known in the wedding and events industry for creating High end Haute Couture evening gowns, exclusive bridal wear as well as being a Celebrity Red Carpet Designer.

Another area within the Wedding and events industry that Belluccio is passionate about is Event styling and planning. Belluccio strongly believes in bringing dreams and visions of those planning events such as weddings to reality and creating that perfect event which our clients will cherish forever.

We offer an event planning and styling service for couples planning their big day, to ease the stress off their shoulders and to be able to enjoy the more important moments approaching the big day, and leave the tasks to us at Belluccio to compete, with extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of these functions and events.

The services which Belluccio offers includes event styling/decorating, dessert buffets, floral arrangements/bridal bouquets, Mirror hire, Sofa hire, Case hire, Customized name signs, Chandelier hire, Belluccio Casa tray hire, as well as many more.

We at Belluccio believe in creating these events to the best of the clients’ requirements, which is why we require maximum notice as possible to ensure our clients are satisfied with out service.

We also offer custom designed wedding packages which include wedding planning at various prices, which requires a one-on-one consultation with out Belluccio event planner to be able to create a package according to the clients’ needs and requirements.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions, queries or concerns, which may arise.